Why does your musical act need a website?

Why does your musical act need a website?


Locating key information and media

Entertainment consumers need to be able to find you on line easily and they need to be able to get the information or the music that they want from making that search.
It is easier to present all the key information – a biography, live dates, contact info, music and video – on your own site than it is on any third party platform like Bandcamp or any social media site or page.

People are used to seeing a certain plain and direct website layout and, if built clearly and reasonably well (Loonla.com can do that for you!), your site will be easy to find and easy for them to navigate.

Don’t depend on just Social Media!

Third party sites can disappear overnight or they can go out of style (like Myspace!) Third party websites that host your website on their platform own your info and your hard-won email list will probably allow you to back up your site and data and (fingers crossed) they won’t go bust…. but it has happened before and it will happen again. That can’t happen if you control your site and upload all of your info to your own paid server.

Facebook also have a set of rules about what you can do on your “Like Page”. For example, users can’t have an ‘overt call to action or commercial message’ in their Facebook Timeline cover image. But what if you’d like to hit hard on the text on your ads? You can put whatever you like in any image on your own website. The sky is the limit. You can’t depend on Mark Zuckerberg to keep your information safe – imagine a scenario where he falls out with his shareholders and he decides to shut down the Facebook servers!

– Loonla.com

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