Why does your beauty salon need a website?

Why does your beauty salon need a website?


Providing trust through relevance and visuals

I was surprised at how few Gibraltar hairdressers and beauty salons had websites (or how few showed up in Google search results despite having a website). I personally had a very limited experience trying to find a new beauty therapist. And that’s crazy considering that when I checked the local directory (At GibYellow) I’ve since learnt there’s over 20 hair and beauty salons in Gibraltar servicing a population just over 30,000. But for potential customers that do not know about GibYellow, Google and Facebook are their only friends.

The fact that these salons only had directory listings with very little info made me discount them. After a survey of work colleagues and friends, I decided to for the top result found on Google. Why? Trust. They’d gotta be good if they’re on the main page, at the top.

–  Loonla.com

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