Why does your nightclub or bar need a website?

Why does your nightclub or bar need a website?


Search engine results

By not having a web page for your nightclub or bar, you are missing out on all the customers who are searching on line for a great night out or for special events. Every single day potential customers in Gibraltar are searching nightclubs on line. For example; the phrase “DUSK Gibraltar” (One of the most popular clubs in Gibraltar) was searched over 300 times times on Google in the last month alone!

Get them to show up to your events

Another reason that every club or bar needs a webpage is to generate more interest. By having a website, your establishment is able to sell products or tickets online and this creates another passive revenue stream for your business.

Take this example; let’s say you were having some entertainment at your club or bar – let’s say “Sally and Jo” are interested in coming to the show but there’s a good chance they’ll forget about the event, possibly end up changing their minds the night of the show, or just think it will be too much of a hassle to wait in line for tickets. This is where a website can become very useful. By selling tickets for shows on your website, Sally and Jo would be able to purchase their tickets online and then all those possible reasons why they wouldn’t show up are now eradicated! You would be amazed at the increase in ticket sales a nightclub can have by marketing a live performance on a social media page and then immediately sending those customers to their website to make their purchase!

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