✦ About

 ✦ Hi, I’m Kirsty…

I am a Gibraltar-based website designer which can work remotely! I have been prioritising the work I have now cleared for the clients I had, so I am now really glad to have this portfolio finally online! If you  require efficient website design services for your business; I like to offer my affordable services to anyone that is running a start-up or just needs some help standing out online.


✦ Why the ’80s Retro theme?

I know, I can hear you now –  “It’s 2018!” – I just like the design style! Its my favourite. Isn’t it cool? Thanks. Did it all myself. I like to focus on what’s useful just as much as what’s strange and completely out of place. I guess I just went for this theme because I’m an ’80s baby.

✦ A little info about me and what I can offer: 

I am a highly experienced freelance digital marketing professional and I work with plenty of time to attend to all of my clients with a friendly, understanding approach to all, I am able to cater to whichever product, business or brand in question. I like to keep it simple and affordable for all of my clients. I have helped many start-ups that required help with boosting their online relevance and revenue and have reported back to me appreciating a soaring success with their return on the investment in their websites. 

✦ I offer more than just website services, I also offer:

  • graphic design (as supplied on all of the above pages, all of the aesthetics were also designed by myself), social media 
  • email campaign marketing (I engineer digital marketing campaigns for brands and love sharing insights on campaign strategy, analytics & marketing ROI)

I would throw in a free logo design for your website in your initial package, even though my package prices are already very affordable, as I love working with helping design the brand aesthetic with my clients if they require the extra help.
If you ask most website design companies to quote their services for a basic website, you are looking at paying out a minimum of £1,200 for the initial work and then looking at their contract credentials for their monthly upkeep. 

I do not bind my clients to any monthly upkeep contracts. I offer the initial service of the website design from prices as low as half of the above which include the external data hosting costs which can be priced as from £120 yearly. From then, I am available for cheap support as from the website handover as per my clients request. (Meaning you’d only pay me per job that you require – you’d save money!)

 Depending on the amount of work you require, we can come to an agreement on how much I can quote you for your website and help you begin boosting your online revenue.

If you are interested in my services, please get in touch and we can arrange a phone call or meeting so we can look into what you need to get your business in gear!